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About us

Published by National Humanities Research Center of Sun Yat-Sen University, West Bay Review is a semi-academic digital humanities publication. We created this publication to focus on cultural trends, discuss academic issues, observe knowledge production, and disseminate new knowledge. The West Tide and the East Wind are in our field of vision, while providing creative space to encourage innovative artistic works.

"Xiwan Review" also hopes to respond and talk to the papers published in "Journal of Zhongshan Humanities" to achieve the purpose of promoting academics and witness the possibility of the flow of ideas and academic generation.
The content of this journal includes eight dimensions of special topics, interviews and dialogues, literary discourse, art aesthetics, culture and history, audiovisual images, book reviews, and shoreline supplements. Please authorize the translation yourself.
We sincerely invite you to join our lineup of authors and write review articles on the topics of "literary discourse", "art aesthetics", and "culture and society". Each article is mainly based on three thousand words. After the article is published, it will result in a low pay (according to the school pay rules). Other non-commentary columns, as well as the "Coastline Supplement" in the literary and artistic creation area, are also welcome to contribute.
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